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  1. Dots per Inch determines how an image will be printed. It will not change the representation on a computer screen. Changing to higher DPI will make the image show smaller on the printed page but with greater resolution. You should not set DPI higher than the maximum resolution of your printer (often 600dpi). The most common DPI setting for printing is 300 dpi
  2. Change the size of the output image by entering either Width or Height. If you set both width and height values and the ratio is not the same as the original image then the image will be centered with a border. If the source image is a raster image (PNG, JPEG etc) then setting a size that is larger than the original image will reduce the quality of the converted image. This limitation does not apply if the input is a Vector Graphic (SVG).
  3. Background Color is used when converting from a format that supports transparency (sometimes called "Alpha Channel") to format that does not. This color will be used wherever a transparent pixel is encountered in the original image. Enter Red, Green and Blue value (0-255) or a Hex Color "#000000" - "#ffffff"